1    Ajanta, the fountainhead
Volume 21 - Issue 20, Sept. 25 - Oct. 08, 2004

2    The Legacy of Ajanta
Volume 21 - Issue 21, Oct. 09 - 22, 2004

3    Trans-Himalayan Murals
Volume 21 - Issue 22, Oct. 23 - Nov. 05, 2004

4    The Western Impact (A Confluence in Goa)
Volume 21 - Issue 23, Nov. 06 - 19, 2004

5    India as inspiration for the continent
Volume 21 - Issue 24, Nov. 20 - Dec 03, 2004

Splendour in Stone (Sculptures of India)

Article 1: "Eternal India" (General and Indus Valley)

Article 2: "Birth of Classic Form" (Maurya period + Bharhut)

Article 3: "Harmony Set in Stone" (Sanchi)

Article 4: "Grandeur in caves" (Early Western Indian Caves)

Article 5: "Of divine forms" (Kushana period)

Article 6: "Valley of stupas" (Krishna Valley, Andhra Pradesh)

Article 7: "Mind over Matter" (Gupta period)

Article 8: "Simply Grand" (Later caves of Western India)

Article 9: "Early Perfection" (Chalukya period)

Article 10: "Living rocks" (Mamallapuram)

Article 11: " Royal shrines" (Kanchipuram and Kalugumalai)

Article 12: "Miniature cosmos" (Development of the temple and Central India)

Article 13: "Soaring spirit" (Ellora)

Article 14: "Tradition of grace" (Orissa and Shravanabelagola)

Article 15: "Thought and images" (Pala period, Nalanda and Vikramasila)

Article 16: "Chola marvels" (Chola temples)

Article 17: "Tradition in bronze" (Chola bronzes)

Article 18: "Mountain magic" (Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh)

Article 19: "Colour of peace" (Ladakh, Kinnaur and Spiti)

Article 20: "Beauty of devotion" (Khajuraho)

Article 21: "Glorious blend" (Hoysala temples)

Article 22: "Tallest of them all" (Sun temple, Konark)

Article 23: "Images of change" (Hampi)

Article 24: "Sacred spaces" (Later temples of Tamilnadu)

Article 25: “ Temples of Peace” (Gujarat and Rajasthan Jaina temples)


Article 1: “Culture of peace “

Article 2: “Blend of faiths “



Article 1: “The Story of Buddhism”, “The Great Quest”
(Correction: At the birth of the Buddha, instead of “Vishnu”, please read

Article 2: “The Story of Buddhism”, “Sacred Stupas”

Article 3: “The Story of Buddhism”, “Vehicles of peace”

Article 4: “The Story of Buddhism”, “Himalayan home”

Article 5: “The Story of Buddhism”, “Great diffusion”

South East Asia
Article: “Culture of Compassion”

Buryatia and Mongolia
Article: “Journey of Buddhism”

Article: “Islamic Heritage”

Article: Cultural documentation in Central Asia

Buddhist Legacy, First photo feature out of series of six, Sept-Oct, 2012

Dynamic forms, Second Photo Feature, October 6 to 19, 2012

A SACRED PLAN FOR PEACE WITHIN, Third photo feature, Oct 20-November 2, 2012

Bamiyan and beyond, Fourth Photo Feature, November 3 to 16

Eastern embrace, Fifth Photo feature, November 17-30, 2012

Signs of a revival, Sixth photo feature, December 1-14, 2012

Echoes of eternity, The Buddhist Temples of Japan, Photo Feature, December 29 – January 11, 2013

Buddhist Treasure, Buddhist Heritage of Sri Lanka, 7th April, 2013